About us

  • Healthlogistics are eProcurement and procedure cost specialists, providing a range of services that help NHS hospitals to save money, boost revenue and improve patient safety.

    Core to our business is the supply of accurate data so that hospitals have the right products delivered where and when they are needed, at the right price.

    Founded in 2003 by Mike Beckley and Peter Elwin, we have been working with the NHS for over ten years, supporting them in creating a more efficient supply chain.  Over 50 Trusts have utilised our services since the company’s creation.

    Our services, specifically hTrak and comparative procedure costing, are also installed and operational in 25 hospital sites in Australia and New Zealand through hTrak.com, and are being rapidly adopted in those markets.

    We support the NHS’s eProcurement Strategy and the Department of Health’s Scan4Safety projects – and their impact on improving patient safety and delivering significant cost reductions.

    Healthlogistics are helping to promote eInvoicing across Europe by working with two NHS Trusts, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and London North West Healthcare NHS Trust and EDICOM. The project ensures that Trusts use PEPPOL to receive their invoices. Several other health providers in countries across Europe are also engaged in the project, which runs from October 2016 to October 2017. For more information about the project visit http://govein-project.eu/

    As well as being an Accredited Solution Provider Alliance Member of GS1 we are an Associate Member of the Association of British Healthcare Industries and of the OpenPEPPOL Association.


    Email: info@healthlogistics.co.uk
    Phone: +44 (0)1442 381 758

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  • Peter Elwin


    Peter has wide-ranging, senior level experience of operations, logistics, e-commerce and business development in healthcare.

    Following an early career at The Wellcome Foundation he has been the logistics director for Kodak Clinical Diagnostics, operations director at Celsis International, managing consultant at PA Consulting, operations director for eLabsEurope and a UK country manager for GHX.

    Email : peter.elwin@healthlogistics.co.uk

  • Mike Beckley


    A former vice president of information management for Johnson & Johnson, Mike is a founding partner of Healthlogistics.

    He has worked as finance and IT directors for Amersham International, Kodak Clinical Diagnostics and Johnson & Johnson.

    Email: mike.beckley@healthlogistics.co.uk

  • Gary Adams

    Commercial Director

    Gary has extensive experience delivering IT and inventory management solutions, underpinned by high quality data, into acute NHS trusts.

    His focus is to ensure that trusts have the functionality they require to leverage their purchasing spend and to achieve real and measurable cash-releasing benefits, enabling them to redirect resources to frontline care.

    Before joining Healthlogistics, he was EMEA manager for hTrak Pty, where he was responsible for introducing the hTrak point-of-use solution for cardiology, radiology, operating theatres and day surgery departments in the UK.

    Email: gary.adams@healthlogistics.co.uk

  • Kirk Kikirekov

    Non-Executive Director, Healthlogistics and Managing Director, hTrak PTY Ltd

    Kirk was appointed as managing director of hTrak in April 2015 following the merger and acquisition of hTrak by Healthlogistics. He was previously chief operating officer at hTrak, a solution allowing hospitals to track product costs to specific procedures for analysis and clinical improvement processes.

    Kirk is a professional engineer and a practising computer professional. As a former president of HIBCC AU, the Australian subsidiary of the Health Industry Business Communications Council that works with suppliers and hospitals to implement the best practices for using the manufacturer’s barcode as a basis for tracking medical devices, he has gained a detailed knowledge of the supply side of medical devices.