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Award-winning Derby Teaching Hospitals manage their resources more effectively

Watch the updated video which outlines the Scan4Safety solutions that Healthlogistics has implemented at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to streamline inventory management, reduce procurement costs, deliver additional revenue – and enhance patient safety.

Working the Trust, Healthlogistics developed a automated General Theatre supply chain process based on Healthlogistics’ hTrak stock and procedure costing system, which is underpinned by a database of over 1.4 million barcoded items.

The solution is built around the patient and information is captured at the point of care. Using a handheld hTrak scanner, staff record details of the patient by scanning their wristband. By scanning the relevant barcodes, theatre staff then capture every single detail of the exact consumables and instruments used, prosthesis expenses, the cost of the staff involved and the actual (rather than planned) OPCS codes.

This solution is operational in 35 Theatres at Derby Teaching Hospitals.




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