NHS Providers

  • Healthlogistics help procurement, finance and clinical teams to have the right products where they are needed, for the right price, at the right time – enabling them to manage their resources more efficiently.

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  • Procurement professionals

    We help NHS procurement professionals to better manage the supply chain through the automation of processes and the provision of price visibility.

    Our services help them:

    • strengthen negotiating through price visibility
    • eliminate time spent on order queries and administration
    • reduce variation of prices and save money by paying the best price
    • improve stock control through consumption-led ordering and a reduction in expired stock
    • become compliant with GS1 data standards and PEPPOL.

    Finance managers

    We help NHS finance managers to better understand costs; improve buying power and redirect funds towards patient care.

    Our team helps them:

    • achieve efficiencies through eProcurement, accounts payable and inventory management
    • empower non finance managers to work closer with finance staff
    • input to local patient level costing systems
    • access accurate procedure costing information
    • address healthcare initiatives such as Monitor’s Cost Transformation Programme and Lord Carter’s efficiency targets.

  • Clinicians & theatre managers

    With our services, clinical and theatre teams can be confident that they have the right consumables and medical devices available when they need them. Importantly clinicians are able to track products used for specific procedures to the patient which improves safety, reduce risks to patients and ensure the correct items are within date.

    We also help them:

    • eliminate risk of using incorrect medical supplies or expired stock and equipment
    • ‘trace and track’ products for a specific operation to the patient
    • spend more time on care, by removing administrative tasks such as manual coding
    • coordinate care more efficiently by reducing rescheduled procedures
    • review clinical variance and make process or procedure improvements
    • conduct comparison of staff, equipment, location and patient outcomes.

    GS1 champions

    We support GS1 champions as trusts and suppliers adopt the standards set out in the NHS eProcurement strategy.

    Our team helps them:

    • with GS1 planning procurement and stock management process
    • achieve GS1 and PEPPOL standards compliance through the purchasing process
    • become a more efficient and coordinated purchaser or supplier.

Utilising the scanners in theatres provides me with extra reassurance: we’re now able to capture an accurate patient-level record of exactly which consumables and instruments we have used, as well as real-time records of the procedures we have completed. The clinical coding team can now access this data to help improve the accuracy and depth of coding in the patient record. This patient-level detail is a significant step forward for the trust. To date, over 100,000 procedures have been scanned and fully costed.

Keith Jones, Clinical Director of Surgery