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  • Accurate data, transforming healthcare

    Healthlogistics’ managed solutions enable NHS hospital trusts to dramatically reduce costs and boost revenue, whilst improving patient safety.

    Using a range of GS1 and PEPPOL certified solutions covering eProcurement, inventory management and procedure costing, we help clinical, procurement and financial professionals manage resources more efficiently.

    Hospitals get the right product to the right location, when it is needed and at the right price.

    Every solution is delivered with the full support of a service team who manage the implementation and provide training and technical support.

    Our services support the Department of Health’s Scan4Safety projects and when taken individually our services reduce costs, errors and staff time. Taken collectively, they can transform the delivery of healthcare across the NHS.


  • Services

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  • Access standardised supplier item data from the UK’s largest healthcare catalogues, so the right product is always ordered at the right price.

    • Access to 2.5 million+ items from over 1,400 suppliers, linked to more than 6,000 trust contracts
    • View catalogue data within your own ordering system
    • Choose the right product at the correct price from the right contract
    • Significantly increase order accuracy, reducing admin time
    • Become fully complaint with GS1 data standards.

  • eCat

    Catalogue and contract management
    • 2.5m+ items
    • 1,400+ suppliers
    • GS1 compliant
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eCat has provided us with highly accurate product price and contract data. Our team now have more time to spend on sourcing and tendering, leaving Healthlogistics to continuously maintain our data.

Head of Procurement

PEPPOL eConnect

  • Effective, efficient trading between healthcare suppliers and hospitals. Automate ordering and invoicing, significantly reducing error and cost associated with manual order processing.

    Meet the Department of Health’s deadlines for PEPPOL integration with Healthlogistics’ PEPPOL Access Point service.

    • Automate order and invoice production and delivery
    • Reduce error costs associated with manual ordering, by up to 75%
    • Speed up product payment and delivery
    • Generate Accounts Payable line level detail for invoice input
    • Minimise administration time spent on matching invoices
    • Scalable pricing, dependent on document volumes
    • A growing network of suppliers on our PEPPOL Access Point service.

  • PEPPOL eConnect

    Automatic ordering and invoicing
    • Orders sent to over 600 suppliers
    • Error reduction of around 75%
    • First Medical Supplies ordered using PEPPOL
    • Proven integration with eFIN, Agresso, Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics
    • Accredited PEPPOL production access point
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  • See full visibility of purchasing data and demand across the NHS, supporting price comparison, accurate forecasting, contract compliance and collective contracting.

    • Achieve full visibility of the purchasing life cycle
    • Track and analyse purchasing data, spend and use
    • Accurately forecast demand by volume and value
    • Support collective contracts and spend analysis
    • Optimise contracts against the best opportunities
    • Monitor price integrity in the supply chain

  • eControl

    Price comparison and demand aggregation
    • 12 million lines analysed
    • £4.5 billion value
    • Av. 9% savings opportunity
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hTrak Scan4Safety

  • hTrak electronically captures accurate procedure costing information for all products and people used in every procedure, enabling detailed analysis and improving patient safety. To date we have fully costed over 1.9 million procedures worldwide and over 100,000 fully costed to date in the UK .

    Our GS1 certified Inventory Management solution covering theatres, wards and clinics is underpinned by stock auto-replenishment software, ensuring that the right stock is on the shelves when clinicians and theatre management teams need it.

    • Generate detailed reports on all costs associated with procedure
    • Track and trace individual products to patients
    • Automatically replenish stock
    • Elimination of waste in the stock system
    • Reduce administration and errors associated with manual record keeping
    • Improving coding depth, leading to an increase in revenue
    • Conduct comparison of staff, equipment, location and patient outcomes
    • Identify best practice and improve levels of clinical engagement

  • hTrak

    Procedure costing, inventory management and Track & Trace
    • Over 1.9 million procedures captured
    • Improve revenue by up to 40%
    • 80% efficiency savings
    • Enhanced patient safety
    • GS1 certified solution supporting the DH Scan4Safety project
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We implemented Healthlogistics’ hTrak to improve stock usage and control. It has evolved into a system which also improves patient safety and produces detailed costing information.

Kevin Downs, Director of Finance and Performance